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The Case for Acrylic Adhesives in Vinyl Window Replacements

For window installers replacing vinyl windows, the choice of adhesive on the window trim is critical to achieve secure, long-lasting results. More and more, acrylic adhesives are emerging as the top option for vinyl window trim. Here's why acrylics beat out rubber adhesives for this job:


Superior Bond Strength

Acrylic adhesives form incredibly strong, durable bonds to materials like vinyl. Over time, the adhesion strength continues to increase, outperforming many rubber adhesives which lose bonding capacity. This makes acrylics less likely to fail or come loose.


Withstands Harsh Outdoor Exposure

Vinyl window trim demand an adhesive that stands up to intense sun, rain, and temperature swings. Acrylic is engineered for outstanding UV and moisture resistance compared to rubber alternatives. This ensures vinyl bonds remain intact despite years of outdoor exposure.


More Compatible with Vinyl

While versatile for multiple materials, acrylic adhesives offer specialized chemistry making them highly compatible with vinyl. This optimizes the bonding capability to vinyl window frame components. Rubber adhesives don't achieve the same strong grip.


Faster Production & Profits

Because acrylic adhesives cure relatively fast, installers spend less time clamping and waiting during jobs. This allows completing more vinyl window replacements each week, increasing profits. Rubber adhesives take longer to set.


Acrylic and Pauley’s Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee


By leveraging acrylic adhesives for vinyl window trim installation, window replacement pros can deliver more reliable, long-lasting results for clients while maximizing productivity. Acrylic's durability, strength and vinyl-friendly attributes make it today's top choice.


Here at Pauley Plastic, we conduct extensive research to create superior adhesives. Through this work, we have selected acrylic for our vinyl window installation products because of its proven performance advantages. Pauley stands behind every product with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. We aim to provide the utmost quality and complete satisfaction.



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