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About Pauley Plastic

Unparalleled Knowledge in Plastic Processing & Design


We are a family owned and operated company, founded by Craig Oehme. Craig has over 50 years of experience in plastic extrusion technology. He has passed down his knowledge to sons Ben and Chad, who combined, have over 35 years of experience. Having inherited their fathers knowledge, they will help to secure the future and sustainability of Pauley Plastic.

Specializing in Flat Trim for door and window applications.

Mission Statement

Pauley Plastic promises to provide only the highest quality plastic extruded products to their customers. With the dedication and the expertise of the team, we will make your product right the first time to last for a lifetime.   

We pledge to conduct business ​in a manner to minimize any adverse environmental impact by reducing, recycling, and reusing when possible and promoting environmental awareness to employees through training and instruction.

Promise of Unconditional Guarantee


We back our product unconditionally. How? We use only the absolute highest quality raw materials on the market, ensuring the integrity of the product is not compromised. Our guarantee is unmatched by any of our competitors. Learn more about our products here

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