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Surface Prep for Vinyl Window Trim Installation

Hey window installation pros, hold up! Setting up a smooth vinyl trim install starts before you ever break out the tape. Taking time to prep your window frames is 100% vital for success. Do this right, and you’ll see happier customers and fewer issues down the line—we guarantee it!


Let’s walk through what needs to happen:


Round Up Your Supplies

Have these ready to go: mild dish soap, soft rags, isopropyl alcohol, clean lint-free towels, vinyl trim pieces, and high-quality acrylic adhesive tape (ours is the best, by the way).


Wash Away Gunk

Give those window frames an initial scrub with warm, soapy water using soft rags. Avoid anything abrasive that could scratch the surface. Rinse then set aside to dry fully. We’re talking squeaky clean here!


Alcohol—The Grime Reaper

Once bone dry, wipe down every area getting trim with isopropyl alcohol. This stuff magician-style makes grease, oils and other nasty gunk disappear so tape can stick tight.


Dry Baby Dry

After wiping down, allow additional drying time before trim application. See that alcohol flash off completely or any wetness weakens adhesion. Slow down and do this part right!


Stick That Trim

Carefully align trim pieces onto the vinyl frames and press firmly from end to end. Solid contact activates the tape for a powerful bond that won’t quit.

Do the prep, improve the bond! Your vinyl window trim projects will look crisper and last longer when surfaces are done properly. We promise it’s worth that little extra effort!



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