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History of Quality at Pauley Plastic

Pauley Plastic has been producing quality extrusions locally for over 45 years. We are a family-owned and operated company.

Our extrusions receive less than a 1% rejection rate. This rejection rate is unheard of in the plastic extrusion world, especially with the complexity of parts that Pauley Plastic manufactures. We maintain this through our experience and by using the finest quality raw materials available.

Quality is the biggest issue we stress. The raw material that goes into manufacturing your product is shipped to Pauley Plastic form around the United States and Germany. We do not use cheap imports to lower our bottom line. We know we can stand behind our products and that is why Pauley Plastics has an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

To maintain quality control over our products, we have only the highest skilled extruder operators manufacturing your products. They are trained to use the highest scrutiny when examining the final product. Our goal is to make the customer happy, and nothing leaves our facility that is not inspected by both the extruder operator and supervisor.

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